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A pic community dedicated to Kozi
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Rules were written by our mod, angeleyes_1981

Every post must have a picture. Sorry everyone we all want our enjoyment and this is a picture community. This also goes to mean your introduction post as well. Consider it spreading the Kozi love to everyone.

The pictures you can post may have Malice Mizer members in them, so long as Kozi is with them. You may also post pictures of other people Kozi maybe in connection with so long as it follows the above said rule.

Posts must not contain links to pictures. By this we mean photo galleries, your journal or someone else’s journal. It’s nothing bad, but please don’t do it.

No thumbnails. All picture must be actual shots. Thumbnails are another version of links.

Absolutely NO FLAMING!!!!!!!!!! This will not be tolerated by the moderators. So please let’s all be happy and get along.

Absolutely NO HOT LINKING!!!!! This also will not be tolerated either. We don’t want to se anyone lose their band width with their image host and we don’t want the same to happen to you. So please just don’t do it. It’s not something nice.

Any news or updates you have related to Kozi must also be accompanied by a picture. We all love updates and news of him, but the pictures make it more fun for everyone. Plus it is an attention getter.

You’ll find no problem here with posting a picture that has already been posted here before. It’s all right. We all love Kozi enough that seeing him twice is a blessing. The more the merrier.

Crediting websites is as simple as follows : If you took it off a wed page and wish to post it here then by all means please do. However if the picture is owned by someone who has the copyrights and what not then you must credit them. Otherwise there isn’t much to this rule.

Commenting is always polite, but not always required. Unless however there are icons, wallpaper, and colorbars made by members who wish to contribute, then commenting becomes a requirement.

If the post does not follow within these said guidelines then the moderators can delete the entry entirely.

Please do not take the rules as a way of being mean. We just everyone to have a great time and rejoice in their mutual love for Kozi. Let’s play by the rules and make friends. Follow the rules or you can face being banned by the moderators. We are in no hurry to carry that out, so let’s all have a wonderful time while you are here. Also any case of flaming and any questions please send them to nabsorro@aim.com

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