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I'm new here. : D

And I have icons/icon bases!

http://tohshimari.livejournal.com/54699.html At my journal. :DD

I had a lot of fun last night going through all of the posts. There were a ton of pictures that I haven't seen before!

To make this post legal: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I once drew this picture of him. It's on my wall.

Speaking of drawing, does posting fanart count as posting pictures? Or do you have to post a real picture of him with the fanart?

Nice to meet you guys!

[ X-posted, sorry if you see this more than once. ]
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I love this picture! Was it a one-off, or did it come from a whole photoshoot?
I don't know, but I think it's a one-off because I've only seen one picture of him in that outfit. If I find out otherwise I'll tell you. X3

I love this picture as well. : D
OH. XD How dumb am I? It's in the layout, there's more than one picture of him like this. XD;;; So I know at least two pictures were taken. Ignore my last comment please.