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Közi's official homepage says:
News of closing


As for Kozi Official Store which patronage it receives for a long time with 2007 February 22nd, closed.

for visiting, thank you.

What happen? and then, other message, but I can translate me!

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Ok, Közi's Webpage will close
the reasons?
I dont know...
but says...soon, a new FC and page...not sure...
This is really depressing. Is it like a downfall on his career or is it like something more then that? Think positive? Maybe he is getting a new and better website!
I dont know, but I think he is getting a new website...he never leave his fans alone
i think...
Well, I don't know any facts about it or anything, but I would be very surprised if Közi stopped activity. Could be that he is revamping his site and fanclub to fit in with some new direction or image? *puzzled*
maybe he's revamping, here's the english translation:
To all my fans,
The Kozi fanclub Co-Chamber Psycho!, because of the change of management structure, on March 31, 2007 the Kozi official site "Kozi Info", as well as the Kozi fanclub Co-chamber Psycho! will temporarily become suspended.

Over a period of four years, those who gave assistance and all those who supported me, thank you very much.

Furthermore, the new site, and information concerning the fanclub will be will be announced in a few days on the present site.

Feb. 27, 2007
nothing writen in the FC
I miss him allready, hehehe.. I hope he still make music even when he turn 89!
I also hope he makes his new fanclub available to oversea fans this time!
I have waited sooooo long for that to happen.